Seek Thermal InspectionCAM - 320x240 pixel, 9Hz, 9.1mm Lens

Seek Thermal
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999,00 €

- 320 x 240 High-Resolution Thermal Sensor for maximum image clarity and sensitivity

  • Adjustable 9.1mm Lens, 4cm minimum focal distance with a spot size of 52μm per pixel
  • Dual-Gain Smart Pixels - Observe high and low temperatures simultaneously with clarity and accuracy
  • 2 Million Data Points a Second / Access 3 data lines per pixel for every frame
  • Certified for Laboratory Use - EN IEC 61326-1 certified

  • Seek Inspection Camera is a low-cost, high-resolution thermal imaging solution that enables fast, detailed analysis of electronic components. The data and heat signature provided by a thermal image can reveal undesired operating states, such as excessive thermal stress, damaged boards and components, and other potential failure points invisible to the naked eye. Seek Inspection Camera eliminates the difficulty and time-consuming task of identifying these failures using other test and measurement equipment.

    Seek Inspection Camera is ideal for first article and incoming quality inspection, monitoring tight spaces, and general testing and scientific research. It is also made for troubleshooting in repair work.

  • Thermal Provides Fast & Accurate Analysis - See electrical flow and layout of an entire board in seconds
  • Confirm Electrical Repairs are Successful - Use temperature data and thermal images to ensure electronics are working as designed
  • See Detail Up Close - Evaluate performance in high detail with a large lens and small minimum focus distance
  • Use Thermal Data for Automation - Process millions of data points a second in a variety of machine learning and AI algorithms
  • Easy Integration - Use pre-built software or take advantage of SDKs for custom integration with existing systems

  • Usage scenarios:
  • Circuit board (PCBA) and Quality Inspection Analysis: inspection of devices, network connections
  • Automation quality inspection: chip bag sealing, machine learning applications
  • Industrial line monitoring - ensuring machines do not overheat
  • Server Room monitoring - for overheating or down ports
  • Scientific, medical, botony - temperature variations in tissues, fluids, medical

  • Specifications:
    Microbolometer - Uncooled Vanadium Oxide
    Pixel Pitch - 12 μm
    Pixel Type - Seek Thermal's Dual-Gain Smart Pixels
    Spectral Response - 7.8 - 12 μm
    Sensor Resolution (Array Format) - 320 (h) x 240 (v); 76,800 pixels
    Frame Rate - <9HzImaging Range-40°C to 330°C
    Sensor Sensitivity - (NeDT)<65 mK (typical) @ 25°C
    Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) - Automatic NUC (with Shutter)
    Video & Data Output Interface - USB
    Supply Voltage - 3.3V to 5.0V
    Power - 300mW
    Compatible Software - Seek Inspection Camera Viewer(Windows PC Required
    Compatible Seek Thermal SDKs - Linux, Windows, Android SDKs
    Output Formats(via Seek Thermal SDKs) - 3 Data Formats Per Pixel:Slightly Corrected / Display / Thermography

    Optics & Mechanical:
    Focal Length - 9.1 mm
    F-number (focal length/aperture) - f/1.0
    Spatial Resolution (IFOV, center) - 1.32HFOV / VFOV24° / 18
    Distance to Spot Ratio - 126:1
    Ingress Protection - IP40
    Camera Dimensions - (L x W, H)25.8 x 46 x 36 mm
    Camera Weight - 60 g
    Spot Size @ Minimum Focus - 52 μm
    Minimum Focus Distance - 40 mm
    Temperature Calibration - Calibrated Output in °C, °F, °K
    Temperature Range -10°C to 300°C
    ±5°C or 5% between 0°C to 300°C
    scene temperature @25°C
    Temperature Boxes - Spot, Min, Max, Custom
    Full Thermographic Data - Available via the Seek Thermal SDKs
    Regulatory: ROHS, WEEE, REACH, NDAA, EMC, CE, UKCA, EN IEC 61326-1
    In-the-Box: InspectionCAM, USB-Stick mit Software, Focus Ring, USB-Cable 2m