Seek Thermal CompactPRO XR (320x240 pixel) ≥15 Hz- Thermal Camera with USB-C Connector

Seek Thermal
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749,00 €

- High Resolution of 32O x 24O Pixel / 9.1mm f/1.0 lens / Fast Frame Rate of ≥15 Hz

  • The long focal length of 9.1mm provides detection range up to 750 meters
  • Sharp image clarity (high quality f/1.0 focusable lens)
  • Field of View: 24 degrees horizontal, 18 degrees vertical
  • Including robust waterproof plastic carrying case

  • Seek Thermal CompactPRO XR combines the high resolution of 320x240 pixel with a 9.1mm lens which results in thermal images with exceptional detail. XR stand for Extra Range, allowing for capture of thermal images from a further distance. It detects heat up to 750 meters and allows object identication up to 180 meters (Johnson criteria).

    CompactPRO XR is the choice for building inspection where some images must be made from a distance, for example factories, schools, public buildings. CompactPRO XR is also the top choice for hunting and other outdoor activities. It is also perfect for use in marine applications.

    It works in total darkness, broad daylight and low visibility - simply connect to your smartphone and download app to visually display infrared radiation/temperature differences with selectable color indicators.

    Hunting Applications
  • Game tracking / blood trail
  • Hunting safety
  • Outdoor / backcountry safety

  • Marine Applications
  • Low light / low visibility navigation
  • Locating debris in water and small watercraft
  • Man-overboard situations
  • Vessel security

  • Technical Details:
  • 320 x 240 resolution
  • 24 degree viewing angle horizontally / 18 degree viewing angle vertically
  • 76,800 individual pixels detect temperature in the range of -40C to 330C
  • Detect heat up to approx. 750m and identify up to approx. 180 meters
  • Focus adjustable for accurate image
  • Long wave infrared 7.2 - 13 microns, 12u pixel pitch
  • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer, Chalcogenide Lens
  • Magnesium housing
  • Free app for Android devices available in Play Store
  • No battery, no accumulator - low power consumption directly from smartphone, device
  • Compatible with popular Android smartphones with USB-C interface and USB-OTG or OTG (On-The-Go) software. Most popular smartphones have OTG on-board.
  • Pictures or Videos are taken with the phone’s camera and stored with all other images and videos
  • The included transport case is sturdy and waterproof